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Retail Optimisation

SLR directors have worked in and around retail all their working lives. Trained in property, marketing, and with decades of experience of assisting retailers to trade to their best potential, SLR can apply a macro and micro plan for retailers or landlords alike.

SLR directors have implemented hundreds of initiatives for retailers and landlords which help increase footfall, increase conversion rates, increase turnover and profit for retailers and in turn rents for landlords.

SLR can oversee all on site management and scheme performance. For landlords, SLR make management of complex assets simple and highly efficient.

SLR have created new retailers where there are gaps in the market, nurtured others and can make a positive contribution to optimising turnover in most cases.  

Recognised within the industry

Maximise store openings

Store Design and Development

Understand and grow your customer base

Deliver Strategical Marketing